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Phil M.
When our new dryer stopped working after only nine months, the manufacturer sent Paradise Appliance out to repair it. Criztian arrived on time, was polite and professional, and had our dryer working in short order. Thankfully, the repair was covered by the warranty because the dryer is less than a year old.
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Jim Rez
The technician was friendly and knowledgeable
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I had asked whirlpool for service, and was connected to paradise appliance. I realized afterwards that the problem fixed itself. I didn’t wanna be stuck with a charge for a big name appliance service so, I tried to cancel. Most times the text thread that asks for confirmation also has an option to cancel. It didn’t work but it did say in the text that I could respond with questions. So I responded that I no longer needed service. I was concerned they’d still come but it said specifically I’d get a heads up before they came so I knew I could just say no then. They showed up unannounced and the guy was super nice, I told him I didn’t need service as he was getting out of the car and explained all of the above. He wanted to still take a look and it was free of charge for me. I then got a text from paradise responding to my text asking to not have service and it said something like, we see you did use our service. Anyhoo, I’m assuming whirlpool fronts that bill, because all he did was come in for 5 minutes and confirm that I did NOT need service. I think that’s nabbin money from someone‍ again super nice guy, great service but I didn’t get a good vibe from the company itself!
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d j bart
They. Good only take too long for appmts
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S C.
I had a Whirlpool fridge under 2 year warranty from Costco with a defrosting issue, the service technician, Quan came on time and even wore shoe coverings to keep my home clean. He was very knowledgeable and suspected what the problem was right away which was some loose wiring connection to the defrost system, very nice and polite guy, fixed everything under 2 hours even wanted to wipe/clean my fridge before leaving which I told him not too. I would recommend asking for Quan. So far its been 6 days and the fridge is back running like new I see the defrost heater working!
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