Amana Washer Error Codes Explained

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January 3, 2022
Washer Repair

 Amana manufactures some of the most high-quality washing machines on the market. One of their best features is their inbuilt diagnostic system that can identify problems with the washer and then display an error code, so you know what you have to do to fix it.

 If your Amana washer is showing an error code, this guide will help you find the cause so you can fix it. Simply find the error code below, and we’ll give you instructions on how to fix the underlying cause of the error.

This guide covers all major Amana washing machine models, including:






















Error code LOC or LC

These two codes mean that the control lock has been activated. To remove these error codes, you need to press the control lock button down for a few seconds and the control lock should unlock.

Error code dET

This error code means your washer hasn’t been able to detect the detergent cartridge in the detergent dispenser. To fix this problem, check that the dispenser drawer is closed properly and that the cartridge is correctly in place.

Error code Int

The Int error code means that the wash cycle has paused or has been canceled. When the washer stops the final spin cycle and then goes into drain mode, it can take up to 30 minutes for this process to finish. During this time the Int error code might be displayed. 

All you need to do to remove the code is to press the pause/ cancel button twice and the power button once. If that doesn’t work, try to reset your washer by turning the power off and on.

Error codes: rL or F34

These codes mean the washer has detected items in your washing machine during a cleaning cycle. To remove the error code, remove any items and then restart the cleaning cycle.

Error codes Sud or Sd   

Sud or Sd means there are too many suds in the washing machine, and there is a danger they may overflow out of the washer and onto your floor. This problem is usually caused by putting too much washing powder into your washer or using a non-high-efficiency-detergent (HED). This error code usually resolves itself as the washing machine will slowly drain out and add additional water if required to dilute the suds.

Error code F5 E2

This error code means that the washing machine door isn’t locked. When your washing machine starts a wash cycle, the door needs to lock to be able to work properly. To solve this error code, make sure nothing is blocking the door from locking, and if so, remove the items before pressing the press/cancel button twice and the power button once to get your washer working again.

Error code F7 E1

This error code means there is a problem with the motor speed—specifically, the motor cannot speed the washer drum up to the right speed to operate correctly. To resolve this problem, check that the washer isn’t overloaded with laundry, and if you have a new Amana washer, make sure all the shipping bolts were removed before you started using your new washing machine. 

Once you check both of those potential causes, you can restart the washing cycle by pressing the press/cancel button twice and the power button once.

Error codes F8 E1 or LO FL

These codes mean your washing machine has a low flow of water. To fix the underlying cause of this problem, check that the water supply is turned on correctly and that the water hoses are not damaged or kinked, which can stop water from flowing through them at the right pressure. 

Once you check and adjust the water supply, press the pause/cancel button twice and the power button down once to reset your washer.

Error code F8 E2

This error code means you have a problem with the dispenser system in your washing machine. To fix this problem, make sure that the detergent drawer and the cartridge are not clogged up with detergent and that they are correctly positioned.

Amana washer error code: F9 E1

The meaning of this error code is to inform you the washing machine is taking too long to drain (more than 8 minutes). To fix the underlying problem causing this error code, make sure the drain hose isn’t blocked or kinked, which will stop water from being able to drain out in the required time. Also, make sure the drainpipe isn’t more than 96 inches high or lower than 39 inches as this can adversely affect its ability to operate.

Error code Other F# E#

This code means there is an “other error.” To remove this error code, you need to turn your washing machine off for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. Once the power is back on, try to turn your washing machine onto a wash cycle and check if the error code has gone.


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