How to Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

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December 2, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

Whirlpool makes some of the best refrigerators on the market. One of their best features is their ice makers, which are known to produce large quantities of ice automatically without you having to fill the ice trays up with water. But sometimes the ice maker can stop working and will need to be reset or repaired.

If your Whirlpool ice maker has stopped working, there’s no need to panic, as it’s an easy thing to fix. You usually just have to reset it.

There are four main ways to reset your Whirlpool ice maker: press the reset button, adjust the feller arm, turn your fridge off and on, or unplug the appliance. In this article, we will tell you how to do each one.

Let’s get your ice maker working again.

This guide covers most Whirlpool refrigerator models, including:


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1. Press the reset button

The easiest way to reset your Whirlpool ice maker is to press the reset button. Depending on your specific refrigerator model, there should be a reset button on the ice maker. All you need to do is find the button and press it. Once you press the button, the ice maker unit will fully reset and will hopefully start to work again.

To reset your ice maker, you simply need to:

  1. Locate the reset button. The reset button is usually located at the bottom of the ice maker unit or in some cases at the top or on the bottom of the ice tray.
  2. Once located, press the button down for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound. Once you hear the beep sound, let go of the button.
  3. Once reset, check if the problem has been solved.

Adjust the feeler arm

Another way to reset your Whirlpool ice maker is to adjust the feeler arm. The feeler arm is a sensor that is inside your ice maker, and its purpose is to monitor how much ice the ice maker is making. When it deems the ice tray is full, it tells the control board to stop making ice. Sometimes the feeler arm can become stuck, and this stops it from working properly, so you’ll need to loosen it before it can start working again.

Here’s how to adjust the feeler arm:

  1. Locate the feeler arm in your ice maker (consult your user manual if required).
  2. Once located, push the feeler arm down. This should loosen it and stop it from being stuck or frozen in place.
  3. Once you’ve loosened the feeler arm, the ice maker should start to fill up with water again. 

3. Press the on/off switch

If pressing the reset button and/or adjusting the feeler arm didn’t get your Whirlpool ice maker to work, the next option is to turn your ice maker off by pressing the on/off switch. 

Here’s how to reset your ice maker by turning it off and on:

  1. Locate the on/off switch. You should be able to find it under the ice tray.
  2. Once located, remove the ice tray, and if it has a cover plate, remove that as well.
  3. Turn the switch off. Wait a few minutes before turning it back on again.
  4. Once you’ve switched it back on, you can put the ice tray and cover back into your ice maker.
  5. Check to see if the problem has been solved; if not, you’ll need to try to turn the whole appliance off and on (see below).

4. Unplug your refrigerator

If the first 3 options didn’t reset your ice maker and get it to start working again, your final option is to unplug your refrigerator and reset the whole unit.

To reset your refrigerator, you need to:

  1. Unplug your fridge. You might need to pull it out from the wall to access the plug.
  2. Wait about 10 minutes and then plug it back into the power socket again.
  3. Once it is turned back on, locate the feeler arm and press it down a couple of times. Once you do this, the ice tray should fill up with water, and ice should start to be produced again.

What if my ice maker still hasn’t reset?

If you’ve gone through the 4 options above and your ice maker still doesn’t work, this might indicate your fridge has a bigger issue, such as a mechanical problem, an electrical issue, or a faulty water valve. To fix these problems, you will need to call a qualified technician to come and inspect your Whirlpool refrigerator, as they are difficult to repair without the right tools and knowledge.


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