How to Replace the Ice Auger in Your Whirlpool Ice Maker

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September 24, 2018
Refrigerator Repair
The auger in your Whirlpool refrigerator model ED25PQXFW pushes ice out of the ice bucket and into your cup. Older augers were generally made of chrome plated steel. Unfortunately, after years of use, the chrome coating on an auger has a tendency to wear down. When this occurs, the steel underneath the coating is exposed to the moist conditions in the ice bucket, which causes the part to erode. The first sign of a corroded auger is rust on your ice. Replacing the damaged part is the only way to fix the issue. Below, we’ve created a how-to guide that walks you through the process of swapping out an old rusted auger for a new and improved one.

How to Replace the Auger in Your Whirlpool Refrigerator

Tools Needed
  • Quarter Inch Nut Drive
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Pliers
Unplug your refrigerator or switch it off at the circuit breaker. Always wear safety goggles and work gloves during a repair to protect your hands and eyes. Before starting the auger replacement process, please read through the entire repair guide. If at any point, you feel as though you are in over your head, stop the repair and contact a local appliance repair technician to complete the job
  1. Open the freezer door and slide the ice door back. Raise up the ice arm to turn off the ice maker. To remove the ice bucket, lift up the bin and pull it out of the freezer. Once the ice bucket assembly is out, place it on a towel covered table to protect the bucket and your work surface
  2. Start taking apart the ice bucket assembly by using a quarter inch nut driver to remove the three screws located inside the bin. Once those screws are loose, move to the outside of the bucket and unthread the four screws around the edge of the container. Now take out the screw securing the connecting rod to the bottom of the ice bin. Carefully unhook the rod from the bucket and lift the ice bin off the ice auger assembly.
  3. Remove the drive cup from the top of the auger by simply lifting it up. Then, pull the auger sleeve off the part and remove the auger assembly from the cover.
  4. Using a flat head screwdriver, take off the E clip and washer securing the auger assembly to the auger housing. Pull the auger out and set the housing aside.
  5. Now it’s time to take the ice crusher teeth off, however, before starting the removal process, take a picture of the teeth to make reassembling the part easier. Once your picture is taken, loosen the bushing from the auger shaft by rotating it clockwise with a pair of pliers. Then, one-by-one, remove the spacers and teeth from the shaft. After all the ice crusher teeth are gone, pull the back drum cover off the drum, and slide the drum and washer off the auger shaft.
  6. Throw away your old auger and get ready to install your new one. First, slide the washer and drum onto the new auger, and reattach the back drum cover. Before reassembling the ice crusher teeth, study the photo you took earlier to familiarize yourself with the orientation of the blades. When you are done studying the picture, start sliding the spacers and teeth back onto the auger shaft. Finally, secure the ice crusher teeth by reattaching the bushing to the end of the shaft. Remember, the auger shaft is a reverse thread, so you’ll need to rotate the bushing counter-clockwise to attach it.
  7. Insert the auger assembly into its housing, and slide the washer and E clip onto the shaft to secure the auger to the housing.
  8. Now you can put the auger assembly back on the front cover. Before continuing, make sure the auger shaft is lined up with the small hole in the cover. Reattach the drive cup to the top of the auger, and place the ice bucket back on the auger. Once the bin is properly aligned, use your quarter inch nut driver to reinstall the three screws inside the ice container. After the inside screws are reattached, turn the bucket around to install the four screws on the outside ledge of the ice bin.
  9. Realign the connecting arm to the bottom of the ice bucket, and reposition the retainer. Reattach the screw to hold the arm in place. After the retainer is secure, rotate the spring counter-clockwise, then insert the bottom end of the spring into the notch on the bin. Wrap the top half of the spring around the connector bar one more time. Once you’ve done that, hook the spring onto the bar to create tension, which will help open and close the ice deflector. Pull the bar back and forth to ensure it is operating correctly.
  10. Put your ice bucket assembly back in the freezer. Simply line the bin up with the rails in your freezer and slide it in. Turn the ice maker back on by pulling the ice arm down. Finally, shut the ice door panel and close your freezer door.
  11. Plug your appliance back in and enjoy your rust free ice cubes.

Additional Ice Maker Cleaning Tips

  • At least once every 6 months, unplug your refrigerator, and remove the ice bin from the freezer. Dump out the ice in the bucket, and use a mild detergent with warm water to wipe down the inside of the bin. After you have thoroughly cleaned the container, dry it with a rag. Before placing the bin back into the freezer, make sure it has dried completely.
  • If at any time you notice your ice smells funny and has an unappetizing flavor, the most likely cause is either an overdue water filter replacement or the food stored in your appliance is affecting the quality of your ice. Changing the water filter and cleaning out expired foods from your freezer and fresh food compartment should solve your unsavory ice cube issue.
If your ice maker is not making or dispensing ice and you aren’t able to pinpoint the issue, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to diagnose and repair the malfunction.

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