The 10 Best Oven Brands in 2024

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June 3, 2024
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Buying an oven isn’t a small investment, so knowing which brands have a proven track record of quality and reliability is important to avoid any upset down the line. After all, the goal is to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones efficiently and with minimum hassle.

The brands below are leaders in the oven world, offering the latest features like true convection cooking, fast preheating, air frying, self-cleaning, and WiFi connectivity that make your life in the kitchen that little bit easier and more flexible. From affordable and reliable to luxury high-end, at least one of the brands below should offer what you’re looking for.

Here are the ten best oven brands in 2024 based on search trends and social/forum discussion trends and #tags:

1. GE

The latest GE ovens are smart, effective, and intuitive to use. When connected to your home WiFi, you can monitor the remaining cooking time, change the temperature, preheat your oven, turn off the appliance, and more from the convenience of your smartphone. Some models even have a built-in camera so you can monitor your food as it cooks. But that aside, most importantly, GE ovens bake well, roast nicely, and boil water super fast.

2. Frigidaire

Whether you’re looking for an electric, gas, induction, or dual-fuel oven, Frigidaire is a leading brand that offers both quality and value for your money. Their latest ovens are incredibly versatile, offering numerous ways to cook, from air frying and slow cooking to steam baking and air sous vide. Plus, with their smudge-proof stainless steel finish, also available in black, Frigidaire ovens look stylish enough to fit in even the trendiest of kitchens.

3. LG

LG was the first in the industry to produce induction cooktops and ovens that are certified by ENERGY STAR®, meaning they use around 18% less energy than standard electric ovens. LG ovens are also smart; connect them to your home WiFi and enjoy complete remote control of your appliance. You can even scan barcodes on food items with your phone’s camera, and it will send the cooking instructions straight to your oven. LG is a brand that embraces the future, combining the latest smart features with an environmentally conscious approach.

4. Whirlpool

Whirlpool designs its ranges with families in mind. Their goal is to make putting dinner on the table a satisfying, pain-free experience, offering features like faster, true convection cooking, sensors that monitor and adjust the temperature to ensure even baking, air fry mode, steam cleaning, rapid preheating, and more. Whirlpool ovens are available in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, black, and white finishes, delivering a sleek look and exceptional cooking to any home. 

5. Samsung

Many newer Samsung ovens have a nifty feature called Dual Cook Flex, which allows you to cook at two different temperatures in the same oven. That means you can be roasting vegetables in the lower half while grilling meat in the top half. This unique feature also uses less energy, since you can choose to use only the top or bottom half rather than heat the entire oven when you aren’t cooking two dishes simultaneously. Samsung ovens are also easy to clean, featuring an antibacterial ceramic enamel interior that’s scratch and rust-resistant.

6. Café

Café offers a premium line of chef-inspired ovens and ranges designed to help you cook restaurant-quality meals. Typical features include true convection, induction cooktops, heavy-duty burner grates, and backlit LED knobs. Some even offer WiFi connectivity so you can control your oven from a smartphone. What’s great about Café ovens is that you can customize them to match your personal style, with custom handles and knobs available in brushed copper, bronze, and brass, for a luxury look and feel.

7. Bosch

Bosch ovens have a premium, modern-industrial feel with their stainless steel finish, heavy-duty knobs, and minimalist design. They offer gas, electric, and induction ranges, available as “slide-in,” for a sleek built-in look, or “freestanding,” which look great installed anywhere in the kitchen. Expect efficient, even cooking from Bosch ovens, an intuitive control panel, helpful features like self-cleaning and fast preheating, and reliability year after year.

8. KitchenAid

Whether you’re looking for a stylish wall oven or a freestanding range, KitchenAid offers plenty of good options. With features like true convection for perfectly browned roasts, roll-out racks for easy loading and unloading, and AquaLift for odor-free self-cleaning, KitchenAid ovens make preparing delicious meals for you and your loved ones that little bit easier. 

9. Hotpoint

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable gas or electric oven or range, look no further than Hotpoint. While some Hotpoint ovens may not have all the bells and whistles offered by the more expensive brands, they certainly get the basics right, meaning you can expect better than adequate cooking results at an excellent price. Hotpoint has been making ovens for over one hundred years, and thanks to their stellar reputation for reliability and durability, we expect them to be around for at least another hundred.

10. Maytag

Maytag’s goal is to offer its customers durability, cooking performance, and greater control with its line of high-spec ovens. On its latest ovens, expect to find features like air fry mode, rapid preheat, and true convection, all encapsulated in an American-made appliance that is built to last, ensuring you can keep providing mouthwatering meals to your family and loved ones for many years to come. 

Final Thoughts

You can find tons of oven brands out there, but the ten we’ve listed above are some of the best for sure. From affordable and reliable options like Hotpoint, that have over 100 years of experience in the industry, to cutting-edge smart ovens with built-in cameras from GE, or the luxurious customizability offered by Café, these brands cater to a wide range of desires and needs and never compromise on quality.


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