How to Replace the Main Terminal Block in Your Electric Oven

Paradise Appliance
November 11, 2019
Oven Repair

If you have found that none of your stove elements reach full power or suddenly stop working altogether, you have a power issue with your appliance. However, if you found that your range is still receiving a full 240 volts from its power source, then you likely have a faulty terminal block. The terminal block is where the wiring from the cord meets the actual oven and the electricity is parceled out appropriately. While this definitely may seem like a complex replacement, as long as the electricity is shut off, this part is safe and fairly easy to swap out.

You will want to pull out your range so that you have access to the backside of it. In some models, there will be an access box by the cord that specifically lets you access the main terminal block, but many models will require you to unthread the back screws and remove the back panel entirely.

With access to the main terminal block, you will need to remove the bolts that secure each of the wires except for the green grounding wire. Keep in mind that if the wires look damaged or corroded, you will need to replace them as well.

With the wires removed, the screws can be removed from the actual terminal block which will allow it to be pulled away. With it removed, you can now install the new terminal block. Installing it isn’t so hard, but you need to make sure the wires are installed in the correct order or you may have further issues with the power.

Finally, you can reinstall the back panel or back access panel, plug your oven back in, and give it a test. Now your burners should all work or will at least reach the appropriate temperature because they are receiving the correct amount of power.


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