5 Ways to Set the Clock Time on Your Electric Stove

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July 13, 2020
Oven Repair

Don’t you hate it when the clock is wrong? For many of us, the clock on the stove is the go-to timekeeping device. It’s the one place you should be able to count on (when you’re not baking something) to know what time it is. So if that clock is wrong, it can throw off your whole day. You could be thrown off by a few minutes or even lose (or gain) a few hours by relying on an incorrect clock.

Even if you know the clock is wrong, it can be hard not to make decisions based on the clock in the middle of your kitchen. So when the electric stove clock is wrong, it must be fixed. But how? It’s not always obvious how to set the clock on your stove. There are a few different control mechanisms and even touchpad buttons are different from clock to clock.

We’re here to shed some light by covering most of the ways to set a stove clock in the kitchen. Simply select the paragraph that best reflects the stove you have, or read them all so you can reset all your friend’s oven clocks as well.  

My Stove Has a Clock Knob

If you have an older stove, there’s a chance that your clock is set by a fairly old mechanical device. A clock knob can be digital or mechanical, just as a very old stove clock display can be digital or mechanical. You might have a large plastic grip knob or just ridged piece of rubber over the post. These clocks are easy but a little bit tedious to set.

Check to see if the knob has a button near it, a clunky possibly also post-shaped button. If so, push it and hold it down. Then turn the knob forward to turn the clock forward. Continue holding down the button (if there is one) and turning the knob firmly.

Alternately, there may be a timer knob that has a clock symbol. If so, twist that knob to point at the clock to set the time.

Some knobs are push-and-turn models, like your dryer, and will need the childproof cap approach to set the clock. Start by pushing in the knob firmly and then twist when you feel the knob twisting function become available under your hands. 

My Stove Has a Clock Button

The easiest way to reset your clock is if your stove has a simple labeled ‘Clock’ button. Ideally, this also means you have a separate ‘Timer’ button along with two up-down or arrow buttons to set the time with.

Start by pushing the clock button. Your clock display should now be flashing, zeroes, or both. It’s ready to be set. Use the arrow or up-down buttons to change the time until it matches the time on your phone. Assuming your phone is correct, of course.

When you are finished setting the time, tap the clock button again to stop the flashing and lock in the new time. 

My Stove Has One Timer|Clock Button

Let’s say your stove has a unified clock and timer button. This is more complicated. In most cases, tapping the clock/timer button once will activate the timer. To set the clock, try holding the clock-timer button down. If your time begins to flash but stays the same, there’s a good chance you just activated the clock setting feature. You can now use the arrow or timer knob to set the time.

You may alternately need to hold the timer-clock button along with a second button or a knob twist to make the change. Once you have the clock numbers flashing, you should be clear to reset the time. 

My Stove Has a Mobile App

So maybe you have a modernized smart stove that has a mobile app. This is more common these days than you might think. Appliance apps are on the rise and you may have recently joined the club or inherited a smart kitchen to take over.  Frustratingly, setting the time is often offloaded onto the mobile app and can even become unavailable in-person standing in front of your stove.

So you’re going to have to go through the app. If you don’t have the app yet, download it. Sign in or create a new account, it doesn’t matter. Look up how to reset your stove for Bluetooth or wifi control. Then use the app to connect your stove to your home’s wifi network.

Then access your stove through the app and head into the settings to reset the clock. 

My Stove is a Smart-Home Stove

Last but not least, the latest in smart appliance technology is appliances that link directly to your smart home platform. Alexa, in particular, has been branching out with inherently smart devices. If you can’t set the clock in the app and there are no buttons to set the clock, there is one final clue: It’s your wifi router.

The time set in your router is the one sent to all wireless devices. If your smart stove has been designed to get the time from the router, assuming this will ensure it’s always correct, it can lead to your clock being minute-precise but showing the wrong hours. This is caused by your router being set to the wrong time zone. You’ll need to access your router’s control panel, usually found by typing or into our internet browser. Find the time-zone setting, sometimes buried in the interface, and set it to match your current location. Once this is done, you may notice that your stove clock is finally correct.

—The clock on your stove is a core part of the family time-keeping routine. You may use it to leave on time in the morning or to keep appointments. But every oven is different and keeping that clock properly set may take one of several different methods. Use this guide to track down how to reset your oven clock and make sure the time is correct.


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