Where to Find the Model Number on Every Appliance in the Whirlpool Family

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September 21, 2020
Los Angeles

The Whirlpool brand covers the full range of appliances, everything from cooktops to garbage disposals — whatever your home needs. They have cultivated themselves as not only a recognizable brand, but a reliable brand that people may seek out when buying new appliances. Unfortunately, no matter how reliable you find the Whirlpool brand, no appliance is perfect nor will it last forever. It has a maximum lifespan, but that doesn’t mean it will just up and break that year. Instead, it will slowly manifest problems that are completely addressable. By engaging in repairs quickly and correctly, you may be able to extend the life of your appliance.

Any repair begins with locating the model number. With the model number in hand, you have most of the information you need to complete the repair at your fingertips already.

What is the Model Number of an Appliance Used For?

A model number is just a number, right? Well, technically correct, but it is so much more. Instead of having to remember an appliance’s marketing name, a model number tells you exactly which model you have. It is a uniform piece of information that can help you in a variety of situations, including:

Buying Replacement Parts

If you are confident that you can make a repair yourself, you will soon find that the replacement parts don’t go by appliance name. They go by model number. This means if you need to replace anything, even just something small like a wire harness in your appliance, you will not be able to get the appropriate replacement without the model number on hand.

Looking Up Your Owner’s Manual Online

You know how it is. Whenever you need to consult your owner’s manual for anything, you are going to find it anywhere in your home. Luckily, in this modern age, most owner’s manuals are available digitally. However, to find the correct one, you will need your model number.

Filing a Warranty Claim

If your appliance is relatively new, chances are it is still under warranty. This means that some problems may be completely covered under it. However, you will need to be able to give the model number of the appliance in order to secure the use of the warranty or at very least look up its terms to see if you qualify.

Filing a Recall Notice

Ideally, if there is a recall on your appliance, you will get a letter telling you so. However, perhaps something happened, like you moved, for example, and you do not get that notice. If you see the recall for an appliance, it is good to wonder if yours is affected. Recall notices are publicly available online, but you will need to know your model number in order to see if your appliance is part of the recall. They will only list model numbers and not specific marketing names. Your model number will also be necessary when calling out someone to repair or replace the recalled appliance as well.

Getting Your Appliance Professionally Repaired

If you do not have the confidence to repair your own appliance, it is best to call a professional. If you are also wondering ways to make it easier for them to fix your appliance quickly, it is a good idea to have the model number when you call. Some services will even ask you outright for it. The reason for this is fairly simple. You tell them the problem, they can guess what is wrong. Before they head out, they may bring replacement parts with them in order to just get there and fix it. Furthermore, most technicians will have a digital copy of the owner’s manual to help them troubleshoot. The model number helps them know which manual to load up and which replacement parts to bring. Think of the model number as a universal code that everyone understands, because that is very much what it is. Marketing names are meant to entice you to buy the appliance, but they are quickly forgotten, model numbers are recognized by people that will need to service the appliance.

Where Are The Model Numbers Found on Each Whirlpool Brand Appliance

Now that you know how important your model number is, you need to learn how to locate it on your appliance. If nothing else, you want to be aware of where the model number is on your appliance so you don’t accidentally remove it when cleaning or installing your appliance. It is a pretty sturdy sticker, but not something that can withstand concentrated effort to remove. While the model number location can vary from brand to brand, it is uniformly located on each Whirlpool appliance. This also includes other brands that are also owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. These include Jenn-Air, Maytag, Amana, Roper, and KitchenAid.

  • Dishwasher — With the dishwasher door open, the model number will be located on the inner rim.
  • Washer — Opening your top-load washer, the model number will be located on the back rim. In front-load models, it will be located directly above the door gasket, easily seen with the door open.
  • Dryer — Opening the dryer door, the model number will be located on the alcove of the door.
  • Oven — Opening the oven door, the model number will be on the inner rim.
  • Cooktop — You will need to physically lift up your cooktop to find the model number underneath it.
  • Refrigerator — Located on the inner rim of your refrigerator with the door open. Some may have it on the top of the door itself.
  • Garbage Disposal — The model number is found on the outside of the disposal unit.
  • Microwave — Opening the microwave door, the model number is located on the inner rim.

While all of these stickers are built fairly securely, you will note that they are in places that tend to avoid a lot of food or water exposure. As such, you will want to clean them gently if they do need cleaning. Otherwise, they are best left alone until needed.


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