Hunting Down The Best Food Trucks of Los Angeles in 2019

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July 8, 2019
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the City of Angels and a city of food. Eclectic restaurants of every flavor and in every price range can be found throughout the city, but Los Angeles has fully embraced the advent of food trucks. Yet, a food truck is a precarious business. Many come and go within a year if the profits aren’t there. While old staples can still be found roaming around, every year there is a whole slew of new food trucks to enjoy. If you are looking for the best food still on four wheels, here are some Los Angeles food trucks to check out.


This food truck, founded by the rising to fame chef Roy Choi, is one of those food truck staples in Los Angeles that probably won’t be going away. Kogi and its fusion of Mexican and Korean BBQ helped lead Korean BBQ to prominence in the city. Typically, you will know you have found this truck by the huge queues around it for kimchi quesadilla, spicy pork tacos, and short rib sliders that are absolutely life-changing.

Hustle N Dough

Relatively new to the food truck scene, Hustle N Dough will have your hustling to get one of their doughnuts after a late night or to start your day off right. While they believe in classic flavors done perfectly, their unique doughnut creations like maple and miso or matcha and marshmallow are too intriguing to pass up trying at least once.

India Jones Chow Truck

An important part of a food truck is having a good name, and India Jones totally nailed that part. However, it is the food that keeps people coming back. For this food truck, their Indian food has had people coming back for over nine years. While they serve up a lot of traditional Indian food (because if it isn’t broke why change it) they also have some new interesting creations. Most notably, you will want to try the Frankie, which is essentially an Indian burrito in the best possible way.


Ready to join the cult of all things cheese? Because this is where the signup sheets are located. This is probably not the place to go if you are dairy-free, because everything here has cheese and a lot of it. Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheese fries, balls of mac and cheese deep fried – you get the idea here.

Messi Burgers

Sometimes you just want a burger, and most times you would prefer a real burger over a McDonald’s burger. Messi Burgers is ready to satisfy that urge and hand you a messy burger that is bigger than your fist. This food truck is still very, very new to Los Angeles, but it has already risen to lofty heights of fame, which says a lot. You get your burgers handmade to order from beef, turkey or chicken, and get to pick your own toppings to satisfy your distinct burger lust.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

Similar to Kogi, The Grilled Cheese Truck is one of those food truck staples in Los Angeles. If you haven’t tried it, it is time. As a food truck that, like its name suggests, only serves grilled cheese, you have to do it really well. Oh, and they do. This truck uses a variety of cheese and a variety of add-ins to create unique and delicious grilled cheese. The kind of grilled cheese you never forget.

Pho King Awesome

This is another great food truck that also comes with another great name to lure people in. As you would expect, this food truck specialized in Cambodian and Taiwanese fare with a few twists added in. You can’t go wrong with their pho king noodle soup served traditionally or with a twist like added brisket, but their phunky fusion rice with pineapple chorizo and scrambled eggs is quite the special treat for the mouth as well.

Poke 2 Go

Compared to all the bright and boldly colored food trucks, Poke 2 Go doesn’t stand out much. However, their food does the talking pretty well itself. This truck brings a taste of Hawaii to Los Angeles through their locally sourced Poke bowls. With high-quality Ahi Tuna playing a central role, their bowls always blend in some California flavor to create something wholly unique.

Belly BombZ

The Belly BombZ food truck has taken American classic bar food, like the slider or chicken wings, and made them even more amazing with an Asian flare. Who in the world could possibly say no to a pork belly slider or soy caramel chicken wings? There are a lot of new flavors here to try on food that you think you know all about already. Get ready for a new experience and to follow this truck around like a stalker.


As another staple food truck in Los Angeles, there was a real market for Coolhaus. Los Angeles can be sweltering at times, and what do we do then? Get an ice cream sandwich. However, Coolhaus goes beyond the bland ice cream sandwich and entices every sense with their unique creations.

The whole concept of Coolhaus was founded on the term of “farchitecture” or food architecture. Which means food should look as good as it tastes. Essentially you are not creating an ice cream sandwich, but building a little edible house. While you can craft your own creation, you may want to sample some unique favorites like the confetti whoopee pie, fruity pebbles, and marshmallows, or Peking duck if you are feeling a little more daring than normal. It is their wide variety of interesting flavor creations that has caused a simple ice cream sandwich truck to become a staple in a big food city.

Hungry Nomad

The flavor of Hungry Nomad is one that is hard to pin down. They are influenced by the Lebanese/Armenian bakery background of the founders, but they have fully embraced California’s voracious need for fresh flavors. Items like their avocado steak sandwich combines old recipes from the owners with new flavors that come from the city.


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