How To Clean and Replace a Samsung Dryer Vent

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October 3, 2022
Dryer Repair

In order to keep your Samsung dryer running smoothly, it is essential to keep your dryer vent clean and free of lint. A dryer vent with lint buildup is a fire risk as lint is highly flammable and can ignite from the dryer’s heat. 

Our article covers how to tell if your Samsung dryer vent needs cleaning or replacing and what to do about it.

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Signs your dryer vent needs cleaning

Your Samsung dryer is not putting out as much heat as usual

As a safety precaution, several Samsung dryer models can identify if a vent is blocked and turn off the heating for part of the drying cycle. This means you may notice your clothes are not as warm as usual when the drying cycle is over. 

Your clothes are not drying in the usual timeframe

If your dryer is not putting out as much heat as usual due to a blocked vent, your clothes will take longer to dry. 

Your clothes are hot, but not dry

If your dryer vent is blocked to the extent that moisture cannot escape, you may find that your clothes come out of the dryer hot but still damp. This is common in models that do not automatically shut off the heat when a vent is blocked. 

The vent sensor icon is blinking

Some Samsung dryer models feature a vent sensor icon, which blinks if your vent is fully or partially blocked.

You detect a burning smell when you run your dryer

A burning smell is probably the most alarming sign that your dryer vent is blocked. If you smell this when your dryer is running, it is a sign you urgently need to check the vent and filters for lint buildup. 

Cleaning your dryer vent

1. Unplug your dryer

Since you are going to be taking apart the dryer vent, it is essential you disconnect your dryer from its power source. You also need to move it away from the wall so you can easily access its back.

2. Locate dryer vent

If your Samsung dryer is vented to the outside, it will have a vent line attached to the back of the dryer.

3. Remove the vent line from the back of your dryer

The vent pipe or vent line should pull off the back of your dryer easily. Applying firm but gentle pressure, pull on the pipe until it comes off the back of the machine. 

4. Check for lint inside the dryer

Before checking the vent pipe, look inside the dryer where the pipe was attached. If you see any lint or debris in the opening, you can remove it either with your hand or with a clean dry cloth. 

5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the duct pipe

You need to totally remove the duct pipe in order to clean it. After removing it from the back of the dryer as outlined above, you also need to disconnect it from where it vents to the outside. 

You have several steps to take to clean out the duct pipe, depending on how dirty it is:

  • Using a vacuum with a hose attachment, vacuum as far inside the duct as you can reach at either end. This should allow you to remove all visible lint. 
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove any lint from where the dryer vents to the outside. To ensure you have removed all lint and dust, you may need to go outside your house and thoroughly wipe that area with a clean dry cloth as well. 

6. Use a dryer duct cleaning kit to clean anywhere you cannot reach

If your dryer duct pipe is long, you may need to use a specialized dryer duct cleaning kit to remove dust and debris. These can be purchased online and consist of brushes that fit onto long, flexible rods, which can be used either by hand or in conjunction with a power drill. 

To use the dryer duct cleaning kit:

  • Put together the flexible rods until they reach the desired length. The length should be as long as the duct pipe. 
  • Push the brush into the duct and briskly rotate it as you move it back and forth. If you have a kit that is compatible with a power drill, you can connect the flexible rods to the power drill and rotate the cleaner that way. Lint, dust, and debris will begin falling out of the dryer duct. 
  • Continue rotating the brush, either by hand or using your power drill until dust stops coming out of the pipe. 

7. If you prefer, you can replace the dryer vent instead of cleaning it

In some cases, it is easier to buy a replacement length of duct pipe instead of purchasing the kit necessary to clean the vent. If you decide to replace the vent pipe,  check your existing one carefully to ensure you purchase the correct length and that it can connect to your dryer.

8. Put the dryer back together and clean up the debris

Sweep or vacuum up all the lint and dust that resulted from cleaning your Samsung dryer vent. After putting the dryer back together, move it back into place and turn the power back on. Your Samsung dryer should now be running perfectly again.

Maintaining a clean dryer vent

Now that you have cleaned your Samsung dryer vent, you will want to ensure it stays clean. If you are a frequent user of your dryer and have a large number of people in your household, you should optimally give your dryer vent a thorough cleaning once every six months. Smaller households or infrequent dryer users can leave it a year between cleaning. 


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